Crystal Brook Reunion and research

It’s been  very busy these past couple of weeks but at last I’m  getting caught up with all my work and able to write about some of the things I’ve been doing which may be of interest to you.

Firstly I found a workshop run by the SA Research Centre which was of great help in finding my way around their website. The workshop took a couple of hours and was held at the State Library. It was jointly run by the SA Centre and the Australian Research Centre. As a result of doing this workshop I have been more efficient at searching the website and have found some documents that may be of help with this project. The Crystal Brook Council minutes dating back to 1888 and the Institute Minutes as well. So now it is only a matter of finding the time to get into the Research Centre and start reading the seven boxes of documents to find any mention of the building that we all know as the Orphanage.

Also taking up a lot of time this past week was the Crystal Brook Reunion. It was on Monday 7th March in the city. There was quite a good attendance but not as many as last year in Crystal Brook. The reunion is held each year on the 1st Monday in March, just another Mad March date to remember here in Adelaide. I spoke to several people and gained a bit more information. One gentleman told me that bricks from the old orphanage were used to create the steps going from the No. 9 hole on the golf course to the club house. I’ll have to go there and get a photo of that, but at least some bits of these buildings were recycled.

Another lady talked to me and she had contact details for another family who used to live at the orphanage in the mid 60’s to 70’s. She offered to contact them for me and to ask them to get in touch with me. And yes true to her word I had an email from one of the girls the very next day! I’m hoping to get lots of information from this family about the time after I left the orphanage. The best part about the reunion this year was that Dianne came over from Melbourne to go with us. We were able to spend another day together as well and talk about lots of things that we have both been doing since we left the orphanage.

I hope you have all been enjoying the fine, humid weather or at least able to keep cool and taking in some of the the Fringe or Festival events. Writers week came and went very quickly but I did get to visit the site briefly, but didn’t get to hear any of the presentations this year.


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