2nd Draft almost finished

I didn’t realize it had been so long since I last posted here on this blog. Strangely there have been many people visiting the blog from all over the world. Well even though I haven’t been posting on the blog I have been busy on the book. The second draft is almost finished, after applying the editing tools I learned in the workshop I attended some time ago.

I had to rewrite some parts of the book due to not being able to find the information that I wanted. I was in touch with the Port Pirie Diocese Archivist, who checked for me about any plans or information regarding the updating of the building back in 1925 when the church bought it. Sadly there was no information in the archives! So I’ve had to write a new chapter at the beginning of the book speculating about what might have happened to the house in 1925. I have also started a timeline of events regarding the old house to show it’s place in the history of Crystal Brook.

I also had to print out the forty pages of the first draft of the book because editing on a computer can get very confusing. One has to be very careful to focus on which draft you are working on, and ensure you aren’t updating the old draft. But I think I got it down pat and the work is going much faster now. I have also found a professional editor who might take a look at my second draft and give me some advice regarding printing. She is the sister of one of my friends and I’ll be getting in touch with her soon.

I also had a lovely long conversation with a lady who was a child in the Orphanage in the 1970’s. She lives in Queensland now and we talked and reminisced for about an hour. She is coming to Adelaide in February, so I’m hoping to catch up with her then.

We haven’t had time to get up to Crystal Brook recently. We have had the grandchildren here four mornings and afternoons a week, which kept us very busy. But as of now we are free agents again as my son and his wife have made other arrangements for the children. We can make arrangements to travel any time we want now. I should be able to really get on with this book too and have it finished in the near future.

I hope everyone is well and keeping safe and warm in this wild weather we are having in Adelaide.


One thought on “2nd Draft almost finished

  1. June . Well done mate you are doing a great job which is a big effort very much to do and research. Keep in touch when you have time and we will catch up when the weather improves. Keep up the good work. Love Denise and Jon Wallace


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