Water Stories:

Who remembers…….  But their punishment didn’t stop there. From that day on, every morning they all had to splash water on their faces, run into the kitchen to show their wet face, then run back to the bathroom to dry off. During winter this practice meant their faces got very cold, especially the boys who had quite a distance to run to and from the bathroom.

Or………..   He had to wash his sheets out in cold water every morning, rain, hail or shine. His little hands were red raw from the cold.

Do you remember any other stories about water?

Food Stories:

The meals were fairly fundamental where there weren’t many luxuries, a highlight was when the Priests came after Mass we had the crusts off the toast. (John Wallace)

Who has some interesting food stories?

Events we attended:

Anyone remember any of the outings we had while we were at the Orphanage?

The Strawberry Fete, The Smelter’s Picnic, Concerts, The School Picnic,

Leaving the Orphanage
How did you leave the Orphanage? I have heard that some children were foster like I was, by families in the district. The boys had to leave after year seven and the girls after they turned fifteen. I would be very interested in knowing what you all did when you left and how you coped. Has anyone of you had to have medical support since you left, were any of you mistreated after you left, have any of you suffered any discrimination since you left.

If you would like to add your story to any of these topics please write it in the comments or email me


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