The book is coming along really well and is nearly finished. But there are still a couple of questions I can’t find an answer to. I was nearly ready to give up and admit defeat. Then we went to Crystal Brook for a day during the recent school holidays and I was able to spend some time in the History Room. I did get some more information but not the answers I was looking for. Then a chance call from the secretary of the History Group followed by an email gave me another person to contact and he gave me a few more ideas of where to look. One of those ideas was to check out the architect who lived in Port Pirie and did a lot of work in the district.

J. Firmin Jenkins had a very busy, influential life in Port Pirie. As well as being an architect, he was mayor, chairman of the cricket club and the horse racing club, and had his hand in many sporting ventures in Pirie.  His wife was also busy on social committees and working with children. After reading many articles on Mr. Jenkins and his wife in the newspapers of the day, I found an article about the opening of St. Catherine’s Girls College and Mr. Jenkins was the architect who drew up the plans ‘for the renovation, alteration and expansion of the old hospital.’ Yes , now I just need to find the plans. Hopefully they are in the care of the Port Pirie Diocese. Just have to enquire how I get permission to access their archives. 

Looks like a trip to Pirie will be on the agenda in the not too distant future I hope. I just need to get the writing finished so I can start the editing and getting this  manuscript   ready for printing. I’m sure you are all waiting patiently for me to finish the story and send you a book. Won’t be long now!!!



One thought on “RESEARCH

  1. June great work young lady keep up the good work.look forward to its production.give Denise and I BUź When Free For A Catch .Up


    John abd Denise.wallace


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